MWAB: three in one day

Today’s update contained THREE murder-without-a-body cases: the aforementioned Starlette Vining, Kimberly Diane Greene Medina and Samuel Kairy. This might just be a new record for me — although only the Vining and Greene Medina murder convictions were recent. Samuel Kairy was one of the “Joe Cool Crew” missings who were murdered off the coast of Florida several years ago. I had cases up for the other three, but didn’t find a picture of Kairy till last night.

This can’t be right…

I was looking over some Charley cases and noticed something that surely must be wrong: Loralee Lhotka was last seen en route to a doctor’s appointment…on January 1. What doctor’s office is open on New Years’ Day?

NamUs says (look under “investigating agency”) that her disappearance wasn’t reported until 2012. I am thinking she disappeared sometime during 1975, no one remembers when, and they just put down January 1.

Make-a-List Monday: Deaf people

People who are deaf or nearly deaf in at least one ear:

Emad Ali Ben-Mrad
Carmen Orduno Carrasco
Keyla Contreras
Wendy Eaton
Porschette Charslyn Evans
Jim Elliott Foster
Jonathan Lewis Ginsburg
Muna Mahamud Haji
Betty McCullough
Winter Angel Rose Parks
Sharice Lorraine Pollard
Lonene Ray Rogers
Phyllis Rome
Rodney Texera
Khoi Dang Vu

With Keyla Contreras, there was a news article that described her as “deaf and mute.” A bunch of commenters on the article were outraged at the term “mute” claiming it meant “stupid.” Uh, no. “Mute” means “silent” or “unable to speak.” The term “dumb” is what they were thinking of; it used to mean “mute” and now means “stupid.”