Select It Sunday: Tracy Pickett

This one was selected by someone who sent me a Facebook message suggesting her for Flashback Friday. Since it’s too recent for a Flashback Friday case, I’m doing it today instead: Tracy Pickett.

For some reason Tracy isn’t on the NCMEC at all anymore, although they did an AP for her as recently as last year. She was last seen at a friend’s party in Webb City, Missouri on August 12, 1992, when she was fourteen and a half. A fellow guest offered to take her home so she could change clothes, and then drive her back to her friend’s apartment. She never made it back to the party and it’s unclear whether she arrived at her home either. Her driver, of course, claims she was just fine when he last saw her.

I can think of plenty of cases like hers, teenage girls who disappeared after getting a ride home. The authorities believe Tracy was murdered, and they went looking for her body eight years ago, but they didn’t find anything.

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