Flashback Friday: Brian “Joe” Page

Thankfully, my brother WAS able to fix my mom’s car; we thought he might need to order parts or something. So I am relieved of my chauffeur duties. And by the way, any ideas for Select It Sunday?

This week’s Flashback Friday is for Brian Joseph Page, aka Joe, a teenager who vanished from Salem, Oregon on January 12, 1975. His car, a Volkswagen, vanished along with him and was never found either. Joe was 16.

It’s relatively uncommon these days that I have a kid’s case that I’ve got no details for. (Adult cases, on the other hand…) But Joe’s case is one of those. I have absolutely nothing on him besides what’s in the last paragraph. My search for information is hindered by how common his name is; there must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of Brian Pages out there.

Well, with what I have to work with, my theory is this: when a person disappears without a trace and there’s no evidence of foul play but also no evidence they left on their own, and their car goes missing too, often they’ve gotten in a car accident in such a way that the car can’t be found. Usually they drive into a body of water, but I remember one kid in Utah who ran his car off the road into a canyon and wasn’t found for a year or so.

At sixteen years old, Joe Page would have been an inexperienced driver, and I wonder if his disappearance was caused by a tragic accident. It’s unlikely that his car would be as missing for nearly forty years, but given recent events, it’s certainly possible. Oregon has some pretty deep lakes.

But really, I have no idea.