I regret to say that my obligations towards Charley Project readers have taken the backseat in favor of obligations towards my family.

Yesterday I came to visit Mom and hadn’t intended to stay, but I found out her car was inoperable. She had me drive her to the polling station to vote, and begged me to stick around because she wanted to visit my grandfather, who’s in the hospital with his 175th medical emergency of the year. I couldn’t say no; there was no one else to take her. I stayed the night, and took her to visit Grandpa the next day. No one else visits him, besides my dad and my uncle. (This is no reflection on Grandpa, who’s a pleasant enough person. He just has unfilial grandchildren.)

One of my brothers is going to have a look at Mom’s car tomorrow afternoon and maybe he’ll be able to fix it right then, or maybe not. Mom didn’t sound too optimistic. In the meantime she needs to go to the grocery and take the dog to the vet and maybe visit Grandpa again. I came back to Michael’s this night to pick up some clothes and other things. But I plan to return to Mom’s house to play chauffeur to her.

I can’t get on the internet at her house for some reason. And I’m running dry on library books. Ah well, it can’t be helped.

My point is, I can’t update Charley right now until the car situation is resolved one way or another.