Okay, tuck in

There are only two new cases and ten updated ones, but there are a whopping twenty-five resolves (with more coming down the track). So open wide!

Also, I’ve decided that after today, if the only update I have for a case is a new picture or pictures, I won’t give a notice for it unless the previous pictures were really poor quality and the new ones are better.

Make-a-List Monday: Hospitals

Here’s people who disappeared either from a hospital, or just after leaving one. Naturally, almost all of these people are either patients or hospital employees:

Albert Lee Baker
Sondra Denise Barrington
Janice L. Beck
Michael Bowcott
Johnny Harold Campbell
Benita Gay Chamberlin
John Chocha Jr.
Anna T. Dimmitt
Jaime Luis Davila
Selena Marie Edon
Andrea Fatima Erwin
Curtis Lee Flowers
Paul Joseph Fronczak
Jonathan Tyrone Granison-Bradley
Jeremy Adam Hayward
Charlotte Heimann
Robin Joy Heitger
James Johnson Jr.
Devona Kincaid
Earl Kuhl
Michelle Jolene Lakey
Abril Marie Magdaleno
Kim Louise Mallon
Peggy Joyce Jones Mandeville
Harold Elmer Martin
Robert Lee Mitchell
Kamiyah Mobley
Dawn Marie Mozino
Alma Louise O’Con
Juan Padilla
Antonio Z. Perez
Virginia Sue Pictou-Noyes
Craig Allen Reed
Gerald Rihlmann
Jackie Robinson
Philistin Saintcyr
Marlene Santana
Silas Sessions
Bobby Nathan Simpson
Robert Earl Sine IV
Robin Michelle Smith
Tavish Sutton
Patrick Kevin Taylor
Sydney Taylor
David Edward Wetzel
John Tibor Weisz
Cheryl Schille Wyant

Detailed confession by Gerald Uden

That was fast — only a little over a month after his arrest, Gerald Uden has pleaded guilty to three murders and offered a detailed confession as to what went down. And it’s despicable. He outright executed an entire family.

And even after all this time, he STILL hasn’t apologized and he’s STILL blaming Virginia — one of his victims — for what happened. Just who are you calling “predator” Gerald, when you’re the one who shot a woman and two children in the back of the head? So this all started because of a dispute with Virginia over the divorce…then, what did the kids do? Why’d you have to kill them too?

And he’s 71 years old. Which means he won’t serve many years of his life sentence. Sigh.