Select It Sunday: Johnny Lee Mills

After a month’s silence, another Select It Sunday, as selected by Princess Shantae: Johnny Lee Mills.

This is a pretty peculiar case, out of a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, of someone who’s both an MP and a John Doe. The cops picked “Johnny” up in August 1990. They assumed he was a runaway and placed him in a shelter while they tried to figure out what to do with him. He told him he was thirteen. On September 21, he ran from the shelter and was never seen again. All the information he provided — name, date of birth, etc. — turned out to be false. The only trace we have of the real Johnny is two black-and-white photographs of a sullen-looking kid with his hair hanging in his face.

The police closed Johnny’s case in 2003. I can’t say I blame them; they’ve got nothing to go on. Johnny may be lying dead in a potter’s field somewhere, perhaps the victim of a local serial killer who preyed on young male prostitutes. Or he may have gone back to his family, grown up, and is now a soldier or a corporate lawyer or whatever with kids of his own. I doubt this case will ever be solved.