Murder charges in Rainwalker case?

The DA wants to file murder charges in the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker, who disappeared six years ago today. (Hard to believe it’s been that long.) Presumably the person charged would be his adoptive father, Stephen Kerr, who claims Jaliek ran away.

But, as the DA pointed out, there’s “only one chance to get this right.” So he’s treading cautiously. He’ll consult with the police and do some thinking before he brings a case to the grand jury.

In the unlikely event that Jaliek is still alive, he would now be 18 now.


2 thoughts on “Murder charges in Rainwalker case?

  1. Andrea November 2, 2013 / 11:33 pm

    I always thought the adoptive dad did it. With the footage of him driving in the middle of the night. Jaliek was so handsome, reminds me of my son.

  2. Germaine January 18, 2017 / 12:16 pm

    This is not a “Whodunnit” or even a “Whydunnit”. Jaliek was adopted by these people, simply to provide a source of income, rather than out of love. Children classified as “special needs” bring in a lot of money from the government, because they are hard to place. Not even their own relatives believe they have been entirely forthcoming about what happened to Jaliek. Why would the maternal grandmother risk arrest to search for clues, if she believed her daughter and son-in-law were good parents who were incapable of harming Jaliek? She knew what went on in that house much better than anyone else and was one of the first to say that the adopted parents belonged in jail for mistreating Jaliek. I personally believe that in that RAGGEDY SHACK that the adopted parents were trying to pass off as a proper home is where Jaliek met his end on 1 November 2007, rather than at the relative’s home where evidence would have been swiftly uncovered, and is buried somewhere on the surrounding property. Think about it. The pullover Jaliek last wore was found in his adopted parents’ home rather than at the relative’s home and it is impossible that Jaliek willingly went anywhere in the middle of a frigid night without his jacket. As for the method of killing, I believe it was bloodless and struggleless due to the lack of bodily fluids found or absence of any physical injuries on the adopted father from a struggle. Specifically, for some reason, I am inclined to think he DID sleep that night, and was murdered, smothered most likely, while he slept. Jaliek was a very lanky and strong young man, not a defenseless and weak child, so had he been awake and sober, not drugged I mean, then he would have fought for his life and beat the Hell out of Papa Kerr in the process. I have always been cautioned not to underestimate a psychologically impaired person, because they most often possess amazing strength and will seriously hurt you without a 2nd thought, because they lack an Off Button. Kerr planned to do what he did to Jaliek and deserves to face trial for 1st Degree Premeditated Murder, pure and simple.

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