About those APs….

I’m shooting to begin updating again on November 3. This would give me exactly one month off of updates. For several years working on Charley I took the month of December off each year. This year it’ll just be the month of October.

I’ve mentioned that I have a huge load of APs to post. Like, 40, 60, maybe even more, I’m not even sure how many. APs are very important updates, especially in family abduction cases and runaways and other such disappearances and where it’s likely the missing child (it’s usually a child) is still alive. However, they are — let’s face it — boring. The reader glances at them, they take a second to see the change, and then…nothing. Yawn.

With this in mind I’m thinking of just posting all the AP changes without putting a list on the updates page. This would give me the opportunity to get to larger/more interesting updates (like murder charges, of which there have been a few), and new cases, sooner. (I have a rule now to only post twenty updates/new cases, in any combination, each day. It’s to keep myself from getting in over my head.) But I’m not sure about this because, as I mentioned before, APs are important updates. And often they’re the only kind of updates certain cases get.

I could compromise and not mention the AP updates on the updates page, but post a list of them on this blog. But it’s still pretty iffy, because the vast majority of people who follow the Charley Project site do NOT read this blog. Right now, charleyproject.org gets about 7,000 visits a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. The blog gets only a little over 1,000 a day. And some of those — not sure how many — are personal friends of mine who aren’t interested in MPs and don’t follow charleyproject.org. So my point is, if I posted a list of APs here, not that many of my readers would see it.

So what to do? I am asking you. I might not do what the majority of you ask, but I will take it into account.

Sean Munger does MPs/pop culture

Sean has put up a blog entry analyzing the film The Blair Witch Project as if it was about a real missing persons case. He actually wrote to me beforehand to ask if I thought such a treatment would be offensive to anyone. I reckoned not. I mean, some people might get offended, but some people will get offended about anything. I’ve never seen the movie but this entry made me want to.