I’m still here…

All of you have been very patient with me and very kind. I appreciate it. Thanks for the emails, comments, etc.

I stayed largely offline for several days, in my dad’s apartment. I read some books, including The Short, Strange Life of Herschel Grynszpan. He was a Jewish teenager in Paris who shot some random German diplomat in 1938, in order to protest his native Germany’s treatment of the Jews. He’s been consigned to the dustbin of history; very few accounts of the Holocaust even mention him by name, although you could argue — as the aforementioned book does — that he was the first Jewish resistance fighter. The very strange thing is that nobody knows what happened to Herschel. He was last known to be in a Gestapo prison in 1943, and nobody knows where or how or when he died. Ironically, his own family, whom he was attempting to avenge by shooting Ernst Vom Rath, survived the war.

(It is a measure of my improvement that I was able to finish any book at all. Until I went to go stay with my dad last Wednesday, I think I hadn’t finished a book all month. Not even Portfolios of the Poor which I wrote about earlier, interesting though it was. Now I’ve read several books and am working on more.)

I feel quite a bit better than I did last week and hope to start work again soon. I’ve got a lot of cases to resolve and many more cases that need APs. To say nothing of all the other things. My work is never done.

Oh, and my write-up for torture-murderer Neville Heath appeared on Executed Today on the 16th.