If the government’s shut down, why should I work either?

I haven’t felt like updating. This whole shutdown thing is really bumming me out, though I can’t say exactly why. My moods have been all over the place.

And last night my pet rat died. It was sudden but not unexpected — she’d been off her food and losing weight; I’d noticed how bony she’d gotten. They don’t live very long. As far as I’m concerned that’s their only major drawback as a pet.

I am now rat-less for the first time in six years. They’re delightful animals and I am now reproaching myself for not cleaning Fox’s cage often enough, for not snuggling her enough. Every time I took her out to play she clicked her teeth — it’s called “bruxing” and is basically the rat equivalent of purring.

I’ve been up all night watching YouTube videos. My brain feels empty.