Select It Sunday: Elizabeth Campbell

I was fairly deluged with suggestions, as you can see, although I don’t think any were for pre-1985 cases. Anyway, reader Danielle suggested I profile Elizabeth Campbell, who disappeared from Copperas Cove, Texas on April 25, 1988, less than a month after her 20th birthday.

Elizabeth is biracial — half white and half Korean — and she looks beautiful in her photos. She doesn’t fit the “profile” (such as it is) of a missing person. She had a job, was enrolled at Central Texas College and planned to transfer to Texas A&M University.

It appears her disappearance could have been a random crime. The last person known to have seen her was a convenience store clerk who gave her directions to a public phone so she could call her brother and get a ride home. Four years after Elizabeth vanished, her purse turned up about 180 miles from home. I wonder if someone grabbed her while she was headed to the phone booth, or whether she accepted a ride from the wrong person.

Last I knew, Elizabeth’s parents were still alive, but they’re both elderly and not in the best of health. Her brother is, presumably, still alive. I hope her family gets answers as to her fate.