Any suggestions for Select It Sunday?

I don’t remember any pending Select It Sunday suggestions, although it’s entirely possible that there are some and I have just forgotten about them. (I really need to start writing them down.) This week will have to be a female, since last week’s was male.

Although this is not a hard-and-fast rule, I prefer cases from after 1985 — 1985 being the year I was born. I profile pre-1985 cases on Flashback Friday. I also prefer cases that haven’t been updated recently, because that would essentially be highlighting them twice: once on this blog, and once on Charley’s updates page.

So…any ideas? Or reminders of previous selection I’ve have missed?

Flashback Friday: George Barksdale

This week’s Flashback Friday case is little George “Sputnik” Barksdale, who disappeared at the age of four, forty-four years ago. He was last seen playing outside his family’s church in Baltimore on April 21, 1969.

Other than the fact that he was apparently abducted, very little information is available about George. He was there, and then he wasn’t — just vanished. Nobody saw anything. There’s no evidence that he’s dead, but no evidence that he’s alive either. The only press I could find was from a local newspaper for Baltimore’s black community. George doesn’t even have a good quality photograph available.

He must have some family members out there still; I can well imagine that his disappearance left a permanent bruise in their lives.

Possibly some media outlet in Baltimore will take an interest in George Barksdale’s case and maybe run an article or something. Maybe next spring, on the forty-fifth anniversary of his disappearance. That happens sometimes. But I doubt it’s going to happen with this case.