Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #4

You can see my first, second and third capitals lists. List number four is for Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland.

Topeka, Kansas
Donald Ray Goodman
Jackie Dene Hay
Jennifer Dawn Lancaster

Frankfort, Kentucky
James Willard McKneely

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Tova Jaileau Barnett
Louis Boggs Sr.
Janet Landry Brice
Mary Kathryn Brown
Charles Catlett
Jane Rowell Clement
John Davis Jr.
Rebecca Pauline Gary
Billy Joe Gingery
Michael A. Grant
Brian Hatfield
Joseph Hayes
William Todd Jarreau
Tammy Ann Jarvis
Gary S. Kergan
Donna Christine O’Banion
Eleanor C. Parker
Jeremiah Jamal Parker
Ansel Lamone Piper
Susan Oliver Scott
Angela Pitz Smith
Kenneth D. Smith
Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr.
Holly Susanne Trichel
Marion Grant Watts
Jonathan Lee Zeigler

Augusta, Maine

Annapolis, Maryland
Katherine O’Neil Anderson
Nancy Marleine Snow

5 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #4

  1. NH September 23, 2013 / 8:04 am

    I guess Batton Rouge is not the place to be.

    • Meaghan September 23, 2013 / 8:27 am

      Well, you have to consider the population factor. Frankfort, Kentucky, for instance, has only 25,000 people. Augusta, Maine has under 20,000 and Annapolis, Maryland has 38,000. Topeka has a population of 120,000 and Baton Rouge has 100,000 more than that. So it would make sense that the most MPs would come from Baton Rouge.

  2. Princess Shantae September 23, 2013 / 8:15 am

    I see where Rebecca Gary was obsessed with Edwin Edwards. Ewww. Of all the people to obsess over. Did you know he has a reality show, or he’s going to have one? He’s in his mid-eighties and he’s got this wife in herb early thirties that he met while he was in prison. They just had a baby over the summer. I guess she figures on being a rich widow or something.

    • Meaghan September 23, 2013 / 8:24 am

      He’s in his eighties and he conceived a child? Impressive.

  3. Peter Henderson Jr. September 23, 2013 / 8:34 am


    You probably already know this but remains of Joyvaline “Joy” Martinez, 23, missing since October 2003 have recently been identified as one of the three Jane Doe’s found behind a shopping center in New Britain, Connecticut back in 2007.

    Joy did not go missing from a state capitol, she vanished from East Hartford, but was known to frequent Hartford just the other side of the Connecticut river.

    Her FBI facial reconstruction looked nothing like her. She was biracial and the artist accentuated her African American heritage when her facial features clearly favor her Hispanic heritage, That is probably why it took police so long to submit her DNA for comparison. It is believed that she was the victim of a serial killer.

    Joy’s missing person profile and news reports

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