Flashback Friday: Cynthia Coon

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Cynthia Coon, who disappeared from Washtenaw County in southern Michigan at the age of thirteen, on January 19, 1970. So she’s been missing 43 years and counting. If she’s still alive, she’s 57 years old and quite possibly a grandmother by now.

Cynthia’s case vexes me. It’s one of those where there are juuuust enough details to intrigue you, but not enough for you to figure out what probably happened. Two and a half months after her disappearance, she called home twice — and claimed she didn’t know where she was. Then a month later her family got an “extortion type” call. And that’s all, folks. That’s all there is.

I’m not even going to hazard a guess here; I can think of several possibilities, all of them unlikely. I just figure that whatever happened to Cynthia Coon, it probably wasn’t good.