Three teens missing over 40 years have maybe been located

Someone alerted me to this on the Charley Project’s Facebook page: the cops in Custer County, Oklahoma have pulled two cars containing five bodies out of Foss Lake. One of those vehicles, which had three bodies inside, is believed to be Jimmy Allen Williams‘s Camaro. Jimmy and his friends, Thomas Rios and Leah Johnson, disappeared from Sayre, Oklahoma on November 29, 1970.

The investigation is still ongoing, and I’m not going to resolve these cases until they’ve officially identified the remains. But it sounds like these three high-schoolers have finally come home.

New MP of the week: Bryan Hobbs

This week’s featured missing person is Bryan DeWayne Hobbs, who disappeared almost twenty years ago at the age of nineteen. If he is still alive, he’d be 38 today.

Mr. Hobbs is one of the unfortunate few whose Charley Project casefile has never been updated, in the entire history of the site (which will turn nine next month). Not once.