Make-A-List Monday: People missing from tiny towns (eastern states)

(Awhile back I accidentally published a draft of this. I was working on it and meant to click “save draft” but clicked “publish” instead. I immediately un-published it, but not before an email had been sent out to all my subscribers.)

Since May I’ve been working on a list of people missing from towns with a current population of 500 or less. It’s been taking forever, because it involves looking at every single case and checking to see what the population of the city is. Since I don’t know when I’ll get to every case from every state, and since a list for the whole country would be pretty long, I thought I’d break it up by region.

I grew up in a tiny town myself, with less than 200 people, eleven miles from the nearest traffic light. (The population of my hometown, as of 2011, is 124, including one registered sex offender.) I happened to mention this fact in one of my college classes and then two classmates approached me afterwards and asked if I had grown up in a commune. I said, “Um, no, what made you think that?” And they said, “We couldn’t imagine an actual town with less than 200 people in it.” Once, a few years ago, I saw some comment on some blog post (not my blog) where someone said they lived in a city in Texas that’s “a small town, it’s only got half a million or so people in it.” And I was like, “Uh…”

Anyway. Tiny towns from Charley’s “Eastern States” list. I don’t count parishes or counties. I did include a few townships. For population I used the most recent numbers I could find — usually 2010 or 2011 but sometimes 2000. I probably missed a few towns here and there, but this list is my best effort.

Herman Arbas, Laurens, New York, pop. 261
Bonita Mara Bickit and Mitchel Fred Weiser, Narrowsburg, New York, pop. 431
ReJean Joseph Bowman, Kiamesha Lake, New York, pop. 325
Ilonka Cann, Huntington Mills, Pennsylvania, pop. 195
Bethany Lynne Dougherty, Killawog, New York, pop. 105
Selina M. Hoheusle, Narrowsburg, New York, pop. 431
Peter G. Lorang, Galway, New York, pop. 202
Sheree Marie Magaro, Kentmore Park, Maryland, pop. 345
Kurt Ronald Newton, Chain of Ponds, Maine, pop. 236
Ronald Franklin Westover, Westover, Pennsylvania, pop. 389
Agnes Ann Young, Long Branch, Pennsylvania, pop. 449