Select It Sunday: Samantha Kibalo

This Select It Sunday case was selected by Kat, in the comments section for my entry on Sabrina Allen. The two cases are quite similar: family abductions of little girls who were taken by mentally unstable mothers and have been missing for well over a decade.

Samantha Michelle Kibalo was born on New Years’ Day, 1999. Only a few weeks later, her mother, Ann, filed for divorce. Ann abducted Samantha a month after her second birthday, after it became clear that her father was going to get custody of her.

Ann made numerous unfounded allegations that Samantha’s father was abusing her. A psychiatrist who evaluated Ann Kibalo thought she might have Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy, a rare mental disorder where a child’s caregiver (usually, but not always, their parent) deliberately makes them sick or makes them appear to be sick out of a pathological need for attention. Ann is thought to suffer from a “severe personality disorder.” Which means that Samantha’s life is probably even more miserable than most family abduction victims’.

As far as I know, the last credible sightings of Samantha were in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, seven years ago. Samantha’s father, Michael, who has been active in the search for her, thinks Ann and Samantha are using aliases and moving frequently to avoid detection. There’s no record that she’s in school anywhere. That’s not a good life for a child. That’s not a good life for anyone.

As Samantha becomes older — she would now be fourteen — social media may be the best way to find her. The’s a Facebook page for her.