Make-a-List Monday: Twins

Twins — those who disappeared together, and also those where only one has gone missing. I doubt I got all of them, especially for those in the latter category, but here goes. Oh, and for the “unnamed twin” thing, in several incidents I actually know, or could find out, the name of the twin sibling, I just mean they are not named in the casefile.

(Yes, I realize I did a list like this before, but it was a long time ago and stuff has changed. Think of this as the revised and expanded edition.)

Disappeared Together
Israel Haim Bordaty and Yoshua Itai Bordaty
Brent Nicholas Hughes and Brenttany Nicole Hughes
Jennifer Bautista and Stephanie Bautista
Albert Philip Jacob and Alfred William Jacob
Francheska Sugel Martinez and Misheila Isleen Martinez (they actually ran away six weeks apart, but are believed to be together)
Dannette Latonia Millbrooks and Jeannette Latressa Millbrooks

Only One Twin Missing
Jonathan Alexander Camacho and unnamed brother
Todd Eugene Collett and unnamed brother
Diane Hugette Dumais and unnamed sister
Martha Leanne Green and brother Lawson
Johnnie Joe Herrera and unnamed brother
A’Shia Monique Jenkins and unnamed sister
Deanna Michelle Merryfield and sister Rebecca
Gerald Rihlmann and unnamed brother
Angel Torres-Irizarry and unnamed brother
Afif Hassan Trabulsy and sister Serena
Jerome Louis White and brother Tyrone
Alicia Breann Versluis and unnamed sister

Honorable Mentions
Casey Joanna Brooks had a twin sister who died at birth; I’m not sure that counts
James Robert Dougherty Farenthold‘s twin brother died in childhood
Nadia Kira Kersh and her twin sister were adopted by different families and reconnected as adults
John J. Markley had a twin sister who died of cancer two days before he (and his wife) disappeared
Lydia Ann Perkins had a stillbrown twin sister also
Logan Lynn Tucker had a twin sister who died shortly after birth