Smooth-ish sailing so far

I woke up at dawn this morning with my stomach hurting really bad and I thought: “Oh no, I’m sick again.” But then I went to the bathroom and discovered, nope, it was my period. I took some Midol and went back to bed. Then I woke up again at nine, took my crazymeds (I’ve been off them all week, for obvious reasons), and then got dressed and went and met up with Michael, and took him to my therapy session with me.

Then we had lunch with his father — the first actual meal I’d had in a week. I’ve lost ten pounds this month. Michael’s father noticed and thought it looked good. I’ll probably gain it back, though, now that I’m eating again. After lunch, Michael went back to his house. By then the Midol had worn off and I was not feeling so good, so I took some more, stayed at Michael’s parents’ house for awhile (his mom is out of state at a convention) and just lounged around reading and drowsing till I felt well enough to leave.

Now I’m back at Michael’s house. I hope to resume work (Charley updates, etc.) tomorrow.

Thanks for everyone’s good wishes! I really appreciate that. Hopefully whatever was wrong with me is gone now and stays gone. I’m going to try some things, like a change in diet and some stress reduction, that should probably help and certainly can’t hurt.

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