I cancel Wednesday too

Still sick. I didn’t barf all morning and thought I was better, but it turned out I was wrong; I was sick again shortly after noon.

The doctor prescribed anti-nausea medication yesterday. I could hardly go fetch it myself, and Michael’s mom said she couldn’t either, but my own mom stepped up to the plate. This was nice of her; it’s an hour, one way, from her house to mine. It was the first time she’d ever been over here. She and the cat got on well, but the cat gets on well with everyone.

The cat has a Facebook page. When she saw me complaining about my illness on my own FB page, she sent a message offering her hairball medication. She’s such a sweetheart.   🙂

Anyway…no updates today. I still feel nauseous in spite of the medicine. But I’ve got a good book — Bill Bryson’s latest, which doesn’t come out till October; my librarian friend Bessie got me a copy. Thanks to that book (I’m 90-ish pages in) I have learned more about Herbert Hoover than I ever knew before. I look forward to learning more things while taking my mind off whatever is upsetting my tummy.