Asking again for help for someone else

Several months ago, if you’ll recall, I alerted y’all to another adherent to the cause of missing persons who needs help. Well, she still needs it, and more than ever now. You can read my previous post and see what the details are.

Annie is in a lot of pain right now because one of her teeth is infected. She’s got to have a root canal tomorrow, and since she doesn’t have dental insurance and can’t get any, it’s going to wipe out what little savings she has to take care of this. Annie has also found out what happens if she doesn’t get the dental work she’s been told she needs: she’ll lose her bottom teeth. All of them.

It makes me feel guilty for having won the dental lottery. I eat crap, I don’t take good care of my teeth and never really have. If I got terrible tooth problems I would thoroughly deserve it. Yet I had no problems with my teeth. I have had exactly one cavity in my whole life.

Anyway, it would be a good deed if you’d check out the page to donate to Annie’s dental fund and maybe chip in a few bucks. I’ve known her for nearly ten years and she’s a very good person who doesn’t deserve the stuff life has thrown at her.