Well, I’m down for the count

Been sick for about 30 hours now. Not in the “please shoot me and put me out of my misery” sort of way but in a “I am really, really queasy and alternately shivering and sweating and I really don’t feel up to much” sort of way. It’s either stomach flu or food poisoning. I think the latter, since Michael isn’t sick.

Yesterday in the wee hours I took some medicine, immediately brought it up, and then fished it out of the toilet and swallowed it again. (Cue a mental replay of the “worst toilet in Scotland” scene for anyone who’s seen the film Trainspotting. I’d post the YouTube clip but it is too graphic for a PG-13 blog.) I’ve been in that kind of state since then. I slept a bit today and had strange, fervent fever-dreams. Mostly I’ve been catching up on Daily Show episodes and Cracked articles.

I’ll go and change my missing person of the week but I doubt I’ll update today.