Ariel Castro takes plea deal, will rot in prison for the rest of his days

Ariel Castro — I need not introduce the man — has taken a plea deal to avoid a trial and inevitable conviction and death sentence.

Castro was charged with 977 counts, including aggravated murder on suspicion of ending the pregnancy of one of his captives. Under the deal, he agreed to plead guilty to 937 counts.

[Judge Michael J.] Russo told Castro that the deal would mean he would go to prison for life, plus at least 1,000 years.

That life-plus-a-millenium will probably be spent in solitary. If he so much as sticks his nose into the general population, the other prisoners will tear him to pieces.

Castro’s family, oddly enough, seem to be decent enough folks; he’s an anomaly. I feel sorry for them — imagine finding out your son, or your brother, or your dad, is such a monster. Castro’s son Anthony gave a media interview saying Daddy deserved what he got, and he doesn’t plan to visit him in prison.

I WILL update today

I haven’t updated the last few days. I’ve been lazy. Sorry. But I know I have responsibilities, and I know Coral Hall‘s grandma has been charged with murder (that was a big surprise, I had no idea they were even looking at her as a suspect) and I’ve gotten $100 donations (that is, not $100 cumulatively, but one person giving $100) on two consecutive days. So I will step up.

In the meantime, check out this picture of my eye. Michael was taking some pictures of me last night with a 60x zoom camera, and I forgot to tell him not to be a jackass.

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