MPs with master’s degrees

This list is of missing people whom I know have a master’s degree in something or other, or were working on one. There are some quite prestigious universities here.

Raed Nayef Al-Farah, unknown field of study, unknown school. Was getting his second master’s (also unknown field of study) from Wayne State University when he disappeared.
Pamela J. Butler, information technology, American University
Eric Dickson Cansler, unknown field of study, University of Colorado
Jeremy Freeman Crocker, medical science, California Institute of Technology
Thomas L. Duesterhaus, English, George Mason University
Jerald M. Gelb, computer science, unknown school
Ylva Annika Hagner, working on a master’s in liberal arts, Stanford University
Mark Douglas Jackson, business administration, unknown school
Laura Vogel: wildlife biology, New Mexico State University
Susan Walsh, writing, New York University
Cynthia S. Wilkins, working on a master’s in education, Northern Illinois University
Wensheng Zheng, electrical engineering, Lamar University