In a few days…

There will be a PayPal account set up for Charley Project viewers to donate to, if they want to. I’ve already set up the account, now they’re just connecting it to the bank. The way they confirm it’s attached to the right bank account is kind of cool: they make two small deposits, less than a dollar each, to the bank account. Then when you get the deposits, you notify PayPal and tell them the exact amount. But it takes one to three days.

Let me emphasize this donation thing is totally a choice on the viewer’s part. The website is still free access to everyone. Another thing I should emphasize is the Charley Project is NOT a registered charity, so donations will not be tax-deductible.

The money will be spent on things including but not limited to a new computer, software, repairs and maintenance for the computer, newspaper subscriptions, booze and strippers, the internet bill, hosting fees once they become an issue again, etc.

(I was kidding about the booze and strippers part. In case you couldn’t tell.)