An open letter to Alicia

Alicia, I am not going to use your last name because someday hopefully you’re going to want to get a job or go to college or something and you don’t need this record hanging around your neck. But I have to ask you: why do you keep running away?

You’re not even old enough to drive. And you’ve run away at least THREE times this calendar year alone. And I’m pretty sure you ran away a handful of times in 2012 too. I get tired of seeing your face on “missing” posters, Alicia. I get an NCMEC notification in my inbox and I’m like, “Here we go again, Alicia’s run away for the umpteenth time.” I’ve been following NCMEC poster notifications for eight years and I’ve NEVER seen anyone who runs away as often as you.

One of these days, if you keep this up, I won’t get a “Alicia has been found safe” notification. It won’t be a happy ending. You are risking your life every time you run away. And if you’re like most runaways, when you run away you wind up in a much worse situation than whatever you were fleeing in the first place.

Please, please stop.

UPDATE, August 2: Alicia is back home. For now.

Is Kya Jacobs still missing?

An 18-year-old mother named Kya Jacobs disappeared from Sanford, Florida about a year ago. She was missing for a matter of months at least, as there are articles about her disappearance from October.

But she’s not on NamUs. Nor is she on either of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s missing person databases, here and here. So I’m not sure whether she’s still missing or not. From the articles about her case, it looks like she left on her own anyway.

Can anyone tell me? I certainly don’t want to put her on Charley if she got found yonks ago.

I hate you, Asus. Why does your computer keep breaking?

So I went to the computer place there to pick it up. Jamie wasn’t in, and since he’d done the repair himself, no one could tell me what exactly was wrong with it in the first place.

I can’t really decipher the jargon on the repair sheet, but this “MB damage” concerns me. Presumably “MB” stands for “motherboard.”

Anyway, this is what Jamie did. It cost $100. (Click on the image to make it bigger and more readable.)

Repair Sheet

I should be able to update again anyhow.