Oh, brother

Well, obviously, a few people are upset with me now.

All I can say is that Dan Southers’s family never told me the info on the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department page was false. They had ample opportunity to do so because I was in communication with at least one of them, who asked me to write about him. The Facebook page about him says very little (though there are some pictures on it I plan to post).

All the information I had came from the sheriff’s department; there was literally nothing else, and I generally consider police to be reliable sources. Daniel isn’t even on NamUs yet. He has been on the Charley Project for nearly two years without anyone saying anything about it.

I hate it when this happens. I hate it when I hurt and offend people without meaning to, without being able to prevent it. All I can say is I did the best I could with what I had.

Signing off now.

My first Select It Sunday

For the very first Select It Sunday, I’m featuring Daniel Southers, who disappeared from Fort Bragg in California on September 17, 1987. He was 25 years old and a big guy, six foot three and about 250 pounds. A relative, his daughter I think, asked me to write Daniel up for a Flashback Friday, but he didn’t qualify for that, so I decided to invent Select It Sunday for cases like his.

Not a whole lot is known about Daniel’s case, other than he was involved in a marijuana-growing operation and his disappearance was probably drug-related. I always say, morals aside: get involved with drugs, especially manufacturing or selling drugs, and you’re poking death with a stick.

Is Daniel still out there, hiding maybe? I know of people who walked out of their lives for far more trivial reasons. If he is still alive, he is 50 or 51 years old by now.

His family has created a Facebook page for him.