It’s finally kicked it

After battling a lingering illness, my power port finally whimpered its last today. I can’t get the computer to charge no matter how much I fuss with Scotch tape and the like. I took it, not to Best Buy, but to Stone Computers, a non-chain store where Michael’s friend works. The man confirmed that the port was irrevocably broken and needed replacing, and quoted a flat fee of $130. He said February’s repair by Best Buy had probably been just a touch-up with a soldering gun, which would explain why it broke so quickly. A proper replacement should last if I’m careful. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee I can be careful. I’m clumsy and I can’t help it.

I asked Michael’s friend if it would not be more economical to replace the computer altogether. He said no, it would make better sense to fix it. So I reluctantly surrendered it. I can still go on social media (Facebook, this blog etc) with other computers, but all my Charley Project files are on my broken laptop so there will be no Charley updates for the next five to ten days. Sorry, folks.

I’ll put off setting up the Paypal donation link until I get the computer back.