Select It Sunday

Several people on the Charley Project Facebook page were asking me to make a Flashback Friday post for a certain person. I explained that, as that person disappeared in 1987, it did not qualify as a Flashback Friday because Flashback Fridays have to be from October 5, 1985 or before. They urged me to “bend the rules” just this once. I am not willing to do that, especially considering that Flashback Friday is brand new, only three weeks old.

But I thought maybe I could do another regular weekly feature where Charley Project viewers select their own cases for me to write about on this blog. Hence, Select It Sunday.

My first posting will be the aforementioned 1987 case. After that, anything is fair game. You decide. Nominate cases by email or in the blog comments, and I’ll pick one each week and write about him or her. Preferably these cases should be AFTER 1985, since Flashback Friday covers pre-1985 ones.

Me, last night

Michael took this photo last night at a restaurant where we went along with four or five of his friends. I smiled for the camera but truth be told I was NOT having a good time. My stomach hurt and my back hurt and it was waaaay too noisy in there for someone with sensory integration problems like me. I tried going to the bathroom, but it was even noisier in there; they were playing music at top volume. I finished the meal as fast as I could, then went outside, got my book out of the car, and sat on the sidewalk and read while I waited for the others to finish.