MPs with cancer

For Make-a-List Monday: MPs who had cancer, or were thought to have cancer, at the time of their disappearance.

Juanita Eleanor Bardin: possible breast and/or stomach cancer
Celia Darlene Barnes: lymphoma
Mark Lawrence Bosworth: non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Charles Edward Bretzman: skin cancer
Leonard Lee Burhans: unspecified cancer
Sadie Ruth Edney: unspecified cancer
Nancy Estremera: unspecified cancer
Maureen Erin Fields: possible breast cancer
Andrew Cardoza Fluegelman: unspecified cancer
Thomas Edmonds Godwin: thyroid cancer
Irvin Goff: unspecified cancer
Tammy Ann Hill: cervical cancer
Dale A. LaFleur: prostate cancer
Leland Alton Jones: brain cancer
Benjamin Lopez Jr.: brain cancer
Harold Elmer Martin: lung cancer
Shalonda Monique Morris: unspecified cancer
Ada Marie Odell: unspecified cancer
Jessica Eileen Ortiz: cervical cancer
Taffy G. Overstreet: unspecified cancer
Timothy Verne Perryman: possible prostate cancer
Andrew Brian Renton: intestinal and/or stomach cancer
Maria I. Reyes: breast cancer
Elsha Marie Rivera: ovarian cancer
Roger Schwerman II: possible unspecified cancer
Anne Lynette Turner: unspecified cancer
Curtis Lee Weatherly: unspecified cancer

Previous cancer/in remission:
Bobby Dale Jamison: testicular cancer
Rupinder Kaur Goraya: stomach cancer
John Francis Lenihan: unspecified cancer
Joseph Wayne McCartan: unspecified cancer
Bill Dwayne Wheeler Sr.: unspecified cancer
Paul Cecil Worsham: prostate cancer

Honorable mentions:
Ronald Franklin Westover, who had had lung cancer and went into remission, told his family he’d had a recurrence. He was lying.

2 thoughts on “MPs with cancer

  1. Cynthia Herzog August 21, 2013 / 2:41 am

    I am so grateful for your efforts I am in Iraq and I am the sister of Ada Marie Odell and I just found out about my sister being missing. No one notified me about this and I am so upset. Is it possible to post her case in the newspaper again…I recently found out that her ex husband did not live so far away from her and he was convicted of Heroin charges previously too… please contact me at

  2. Shannon Rogers May 7, 2018 / 10:15 am

    I am the granddaughter of Sadie Ruth Edney. Thank you for keeping the search active.

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