Thank you, Indianapolis Star

I just heard from a reporter with the Indianapolis Star. She said they were going to do a photo gallery of Indiana MPs and could they use my pictures?

Of course I said: sure, just credit me. And she said: okay, thanks.

Isn’t it nice that they actually ASKED? And didn’t just take the pictures and put them up without bothering to say where they got them from? Unlike some papers… (Lookin’ at you, San Bernardino Sun.)

Okay, better, for now

Last night after the pain shot wore off my back was killing me and the pills the doctor gave me weren’t working. I looked up the medicine online and discovered that, although I’d been told to take 10 mg, the maximum recommended dose is 40 mg. So I took 40 mg. It made me really loopy but it did sort of work and my back didn’t hurt quite so bad anymore.

Eventually I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I felt much better — no pain, and I can finally raise my arms above my head again.

I’m so glad it’s gone. Last time I had a stress-related back spasm, it lasted over a week.

MPs with cancer

For Make-a-List Monday: MPs who had cancer, or were thought to have cancer, at the time of their disappearance.

Juanita Eleanor Bardin: possible breast and/or stomach cancer
Celia Darlene Barnes: lymphoma
Mark Lawrence Bosworth: non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Charles Edward Bretzman: skin cancer
Leonard Lee Burhans: unspecified cancer
Sadie Ruth Edney: unspecified cancer
Nancy Estremera: unspecified cancer
Maureen Erin Fields: possible breast cancer
Andrew Cardoza Fluegelman: unspecified cancer
Thomas Edmonds Godwin: thyroid cancer
Irvin Goff: unspecified cancer
Tammy Ann Hill: cervical cancer
Dale A. LaFleur: prostate cancer
Leland Alton Jones: brain cancer
Benjamin Lopez Jr.: brain cancer
Harold Elmer Martin: lung cancer
Shalonda Monique Morris: unspecified cancer
Ada Marie Odell: unspecified cancer
Jessica Eileen Ortiz: cervical cancer
Taffy G. Overstreet: unspecified cancer
Timothy Verne Perryman: possible prostate cancer
Andrew Brian Renton: intestinal and/or stomach cancer
Maria I. Reyes: breast cancer
Elsha Marie Rivera: ovarian cancer
Roger Schwerman II: possible unspecified cancer
Anne Lynette Turner: unspecified cancer
Curtis Lee Weatherly: unspecified cancer

Previous cancer/in remission:
Bobby Dale Jamison: testicular cancer
Rupinder Kaur Goraya: stomach cancer
John Francis Lenihan: unspecified cancer
Joseph Wayne McCartan: unspecified cancer
Bill Dwayne Wheeler Sr.: unspecified cancer
Paul Cecil Worsham: prostate cancer

Honorable mentions:
Ronald Franklin Westover, who had had lung cancer and went into remission, told his family he’d had a recurrence. He was lying.