Guys, I’m doing this for you

I was supposed to take my computer to the repair shop yesterday to get the power port fixed. I didn’t. Updating Charley took all day. I probably won’t today either, for the same reason. The computer will still charge, and until it stops charging altogether I probably won’t take it in. This is mainly because once it’s gone, there will be no Charley updates till it gets back, which might be up to two weeks or even more depending on my luck. I won’t be computer-deprived — I can use Michael’s — but you guys will be Charley-updates-deprived.

This is what my computer looks like now:


Yeah, I’ve done the whole MacGuyver thing with Scotch tape to keep it charging.

(And speaking of MacGuyver, last night I suddenly got hungry for potatoes. I went out and bought some, then returned to the house to discover Michael’s roommmate had taken all the cutting knives when he moved out. I tried to slice the potatoes with a butter knife, without success. Michael tore through the kitchen drawers and cabinets in vain looking for something sharp enough to cut a potato. Finally I used a box cutter. Ah, the joys of being poor.)

Hm…is this enough?

Once in awhile as if I don’t have enough to do as it is I go through the Florida MP database, which doesn’t have very many pictures, and just start running their names through Google to see if I can find pictures of their MPs.

One guy who’s in there, the LE contact is given as the University of South Florida Police Department. The man has a very unusual, foreign name. I’ve seen a lot of names from his country but not the one he has. I Googled “[Name of MP] missing” and got exactly nothing. I tried “[Name of MP] south Florida” and found a website from the University of South Florida, where someone with the same exact name is or was a PhD candidate. My MP disappeared in 2010 and it doesn’t look like the USF page has been active since then. The USF page includes a photograph of their PhD candidate, and his curriculum vitae, and based on those documents he seems to be about the same age as my MP.

I’m almost sure they’re the same person but…

…well, if it turns out they’re not, I would not want to cause problems for this PhD candidate and possible ramifications in his career.

Whaddaya think? Should I take this photo and run with it?