Executed Today: a three-time wife-killer

Another Executed Today post by me: Lee “Monroe” Betterton, who murdered three of his wives. He doesn’t appear to have been a serial killer in the strict sense of the word, just someone with an ungovernable, homicidal temper. They finally fried him after the third one, and good riddance.

Just prior to the murder, Monroe’s son by one of his previous wives had married Wife #3’s daughter. I wonder if the step-siblings stayed married. Must have made for some awkward family reunions if they did.

Also on this day (from previous years): two people who were about to be mass-executed by the Nazis but were saved at the last moment by a shortage. Halina Bierenbaum‘s would-be killers at Majdanek in 1943 ran out of poison gas; for Shaike Iwensky in 1941, there wasn’t enough room in the mass graves for his body.

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