Why does this always happen to me?

Remember how I had to send the computer to the shop back in January? The power port had gotten loose or something, meaning that as time went on it got harder and harder to charge the computer. You’d plug it in and nothing would happen, and all the jiggling and ramming the plug and stuff getting it to charge would just make the port get looser until finally it just came off, and even scotch-taping the plug in place would do no good.

Well, a whopping six months later, it’s broken again. It’s not too bad yet, but I know it will be.

Way to go, ASUS. Of course, your repair just lasted until JUST after the warranty expired. I’ll take it to a local place this time. I’ll probably get it back faster, but I will have to pay for it myself.

Or maybe I’ll just ask Michael or one of his geek friends to crack the case open and have at it with a soldering gun.

5 thoughts on “Why does this always happen to me?

  1. Jaclyn July 5, 2013 / 11:55 pm

    I vouch for the geek guys, because they are the true geniuses.

  2. hrbkr July 6, 2013 / 12:50 am

    Stay away from ASUS products. I would recommend looking into Samsung laptops; do some research to see which of their models most suits your needs. I dealt with HP for my first few laptops and still don’t know why. I scoured the web for quite some time before making up my mind. A refurbished Samsung ($1700 retail) from a trusted eBay seller set me back a veritably paltry $600 and I couldn’t be happier. After six months, it’s been sturdy, fast and secure.

    • Meaghan July 6, 2013 / 12:52 am

      I like my computer very much; I don’t think it’s the model that’s the reason my power port keeps breaking. This happened with my previous computer as well and it was a Dell. I’m clumsy and keep tripping over the cord and yanking it roughly out of the port, that’s all. But I’ve been much more careful since the most recent repair so I don’t know why it’s going bad on me so quickly.

      I will, however, keep your advice in mind when I need to get a new computer.

  3. Kristy Gault July 6, 2013 / 1:05 am

    I had one of those!! You’re not going to believe this but there is actually a class action suit formed about this very product and the power cord breaking repeatedly in just this way. I seen it one day when I was looking for yet another cord for it. I now have two laptops that don’t do that, thank heavens.

    • Meaghan July 6, 2013 / 1:16 am

      Alas, it’s not the cord, it’s the place where you plug it in. I wish it WAS the cord. A cord is easily replaced at Best-Buy or even Wal-Mart. But fixing/replacing the port means opening up the computer itself.

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