Purging and more purging

I’ve been doing a lot of purging these last few days, carefully checking cases to make sure they’re still active. Just because nothing’s showing up on the updates page, doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing. I’m working on Charley just about every day in some fashion or another — if not writing up cases, then checking for new ones, etc.

I’ve identified quite a few cases that have got to go.

Sean Munger does Scott Hilbert

On his blog my friend Sean has written about Scott Hilbert, a young man who’s been missing for 25 years. Scott, a student at Morehead State University in Kentucky, left a note saying he was going to visit some friend at Ohio State University in Columbus. He never arrived and, bizarrely, his car turned up in ARIZONA three weeks later.

I looked it up, and the wilderness area where Scott’s car was found is a whopping 1,800 miles from his last known location in Cincinnati. That’s the equivalent of driving all the way the heck across Europe from Paris, France to Belarus.