A count

Not counting the cases sitting in my “purge” and “resolve” folders waiting to be removed, as of right this minute the Charley Project has 9,475 cases profiled.

I had hoped to make an even 9,500. The site hasn’t grown much in the last year or so, or even the year before that. I haven’t been updating as often as I once did. First there was the Great Headache Crisis and then there was a kind of change in priorities, trying to catch up on all the life I missed during the GHC.

My first Flashback Friday

This first Flashback Friday (see my explanation of it here) is really featuring two people. I selected Pamela Mayfield, but she disappeared with her brother Michael and you can’t talk about one without the other.

Pamela and Michael were both kindergarten students; Pamela was five, and Michael was six and repeating kindergarten. (This shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a sign that he was mentally slow or learning disabled or anything like that; a lot of kids repeat kindergarten. Sometimes their parents even request it.) They disappeared from their hometown of Houston, Texas on January 10, 1985, while walking back home from Betsy Ross Elementary School. They were apparently alone. Very few modern American parents would think of letting five- or six-year-old children walk alone to or from school, especially in the city, but this was a more innocent time.

Eyewitnesses saw the siblings get into a green van with a male driver; this was the last trace of them. It’s a presumed non-family abduction, but the police believe they knew their abductor(s). The children’s relatives all cooperated with the investigation and were ruled out as suspects.

This case seems to have been totally forgotten; there hasn’t been any mention of these two in the media in many years, at least not that I know of. The statistics indicate Michael and Pamela were most likely killed a short time after their abduction. But there’s no hard evidence that they’re dead, and they were just young enough that maybe they’re alive and grew up under other identities, not knowing who they really were.

Michael and Pamela Mayfield would both be in their mid-thirties today, if they are alive. Michael just turned 35 earlier this month and Pamela will be 34 in two weeks.