Lindsey Baum missing four years

Lindsey Baum vanished from the town of McCleary, Washington (pop. 1,600 and change) four years ago today. Like so many other missing children, she was last seen walking home from a friend’s house. She was ten years old. Lindsey, if she is still alive, will turn fifteen in a little less than two weeks. The NCMEC just came up with an age-progression for her, which I plan to post next update.

Coming up… Flashback Friday

I’ve decided to institute, in addition to Make-a-List Monday, another weekly post on my blog: Flashback Friday. For Flashback Friday, I profile a case that’s older than I am. In other words, the person must have disappeared on or before October 5, 1985. I will alternate weeks, male-female, like I do with my missing person of the week.

Since I always mention my featured MP of the week on my blog on the day I post it, which is Tuesday (in theory anyway…), I guess that actually makes THREE regular weekly posts on this blog.

So stay tuned for Friday and my first flashback. I already have the first two posts selected.

Zoo photos

My boyfriend, my father and I went to the local zoo on opening day in April. We both took pics with our camera phones, but his phone is much better than mine — a smart phone — with a much better camera. After some nagging on my part, he finally sent me the photos. I present myself as I really look like from day to day. Most of the other photos I’ve shown to y’all have been posed, and I take my hair down and let it loose, because I think it looks better that way and what’s the point of growing it out like that if you can’t show it off. But I can’t stand it getting in my face, really, and on most occasions I have it pinned up, or at least kept back with a headband. Or both, like that day at the zoo.

Here’s me in the Australian exhibit, having crammed myself into a fake kangaroo pouch designed to fit children no older than early elementary school age. Very uncomfortable.

Kangaroo pic

Here’s me in the petting zoo area, getting my jacketĀ eaten by a goat. The purple thing I’m holding in my other hand is a brush I was brushing the goat with.

Goat pic

And here’s me and the goat again, after I realized Michael was snapping photos. The goat is still eating my jacket. No, in spite of its appearance, it wasn’t pregnant. I asked and the zoo staff said it just had some winter fat.

Goat pic 2