Cross-blogging: Sean Munger does Theresa Bier

Another Sean Munger post, this one on the very odd 1987 disappearance of Theresa Bier. I actually suggested he write about her. Because of the bizarre circumstances, Theresa is a case I always bring up when telling a stranger about my site.

I wish I knew more about her case. If anyone who reads this blog knew Theresa or her family, or remembers her disappearance or something like that, I’d love it if you contacted me with whatever you could contribute to her casefile.

Today in 1944: Jakob Edelstein

Executed today in 1944: Jakob Edelstein, a Czech Zionist and head of the Judenrat in Theresienstadt, a Jewish, erm, forced settlement in Czechoslovakia. (It was really neither a ghetto nor a concentration camp.) Edelstein is one of the lesser-known tragic heroes of the Holocaust. His wife Miriam, their twelve-year-old son Arieh, and Miriam’s mother, Yenta Olliner, died with him.

Although they were not included in the ET entry, you can see a photo of Miriam here and a photo of Arieh here. I couldn’t find any pictures of Mrs. Olliner.