Ransom kidnappings

Here’s a list of people who were kidnapped for ransom. That is, a ransom demand was made, and the authorities are pretty sure it wasn’t some opportunist trying to cash in on someone else’s crime, and/or someone was actually charged with ransom kidnapping and/or there’s considerable other evidence that it was a ransom.

There actually aren’t that many of these, and notice that two are actually from outside the United States — Colombia and Mexico. Ransom kidnappings in the US are quite rare nowadays, but I believe they’re endemic in Latin America.

Giannina Maria Colonna Aponte and her brother John Colonna Aponte
Margret C. Dodd
Sherry Melissa Eyerly
Daniel Jess Goldman
Clark Toshiro Handa
Annie Laurie Swaim Hearin
Ruben Humberto Herrera
Carrie Smith Lawson
Kim Sue Leggett
Vivian Paola Montanez Castellanos
Javier Pimentel
Martin Pogosian
Cary Daniel Sayegh
Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia
Elias Sorokin
Ernest L. Vereen
Robert Arthur Wiles

Two honorable mentions:
David Ronnal Provost: his grandma got two calls which might have been ransom calls, but the callers spoke in Spanish and she couldn’t understand.
Georgia Jean Weckler: a known kidnap/murderer confessed that he abducted her for ransom and she died accidentally, but he recanted and was never charged. The man’s been dead for 25 years. I personally think his statement is credible; at least, he seems like a more likely suspect than any of the others mentioned in the casefile.