Sean Munger writes about two Charley cases on his blog

My friend Sean Munger runs Charley’s official Twitter account and YouTube channel. (Hey, you! Make more vids!) He has blogged about Charley Project missing persons in the past, and did two more entries, one just today and another from a few days ago.

Today’s entry talks about Michael Owen, an apparent metal head who disappeared three years ago this month. Sean also wrote about Margaret Kilcoyne, a cardiologist who disappeared from her Nantucket home more than thirty years ago after she apparently went off the deep end.

I’m pretty sure Dr. Kilcoyne killed herself, although perhaps not intentionally. No clue about Michael Owen; there just isn’t enough information. He wasn’t even reported missing for more than a year.

Article about David Miera…and my own public record digging

The Albuquerque Journal has profiled David Miera in this article. Until now I hadn’t known whether “Zerfas” was the mom’s boyfriend’s first name or his last name. Turns out the man’s full name was Leon Zerfas but he went by his initials, LG. The article includes a great deal of information, including pictures of both Zerfas and David’s mother Genevieve.

The article says Leon was “the estranged son of an Indiana physician who apparently chose a darker, wilder course.” I found this obituary on Find a Grave for a Dr. Leon G. Zerfas from Indiana, who died in 1978. He had a PhD as well as an MD, AND he studied law, AND he donated a million bucks to Indiana University, his alma mater. (That was in 1972. The modern equivalent would be something on the order of $3.4 million. Way to go, Dr. Z.) Dr. Zerfas, in addition to being an Indiana physician like the article said, would be the right age to be LG Zerfas’s father, and if they had the same name that would explain why LG went by his initials…but the obituary lists only one child, a Dr. Charles Zerfas, who it says also lived in Indiana.

Looking further, I found a picture of Dr. Leon Zerfas and he resembles the photo of LG Zerfas from the Albuquerque Journal article. I’m almost certain that’s his father, in spite of what the obituary said. Maybe the obit doesn’t list Dr. Zerfas’s other son because of the estrangement?

(UPDATE 8/10/2013: A person who wishes to remain anonymous has informed me that LG Zerfas was NOT Dr. Leon Zerfas’s son or even a close relative, and all those things I mentioned that match are merely coincidental. I’ll be darned.)

In any case, the Leon Zerfas that was Genevieve’s mother’s boyfriend died in 2005, taking whatever he knew to the grave. I can’t find anything about the circumstances of his death. All the articles I can find when I search for that name are about a Utah teen who was murdered twenty years earlier.

I also looked up “Zerfas” the surname because I’d never heard it before. Turns out it’s German, a respelling of “Serfass.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Serf Ass. And on that note, I’m sorry, I can’t resist:

More facts out of Cleveland

The Dayton Daily News (one of my brothers used to work for them, not as a journalist but to run their computers) has published a list of “Seven Creepy Things You Didn’t Know” about Ariel Castro. (Why am I suddenly reminded of Zefrank‘s wonderful “True Facts About The ____” series?)

The “things you didn’t know” are all things I either did know or could certainly have guessed, and I’m not even following the case all that closely:

1. He blames his victims, saying what he did to them was their fault cause they got in his car.
2. He’s a hypocrite.
3. The victims watched TV news about their kidnappings while locked up in Castro’s house. This is not, technically, a fact about Ariel Castro himself, but whatever.
4. He abused his late ex-wife horribly. (That I had heard already.)
5. One of his daughters is in prison for attempted murder. (Ditto.)
6. He helped search for Gina DeJesus. (Ditto x2.)
7. Gina’s friend who was the last person to see her, is Castro’s daughter. (x3.)

My boyfriend had told me that Charles Ramsey, the man who rescued the girls, was eating in a McDonald’s across the street when he heard the screams and ran to help. When he came back, someone had taken his Big Mac. In response, they were offering Mr. Ramsey a “Chuck card” which he could present to any restaurant in Cleveland for a free burger for life. Well, it seems Ramsey has turned them down. He also says he doesn’t want the reward for finding the victims. Actually, what he said was, “You know I got a job anyway. Just went picked it up, paycheck.” He said the women should get it.

As I have said before, the girls are going to need all the financial help they can get. Certainly they’re not going to be capable of getting their own paychecks for the foreseeable future.

Enterprising journalists dug up Ramsey’s background and found out he was in jail for domestic violence, like, ten years ago. He served his time, got out and did not re-offend. BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL. The man learned his lesson and his actions on May 6 more than balance out his prior mistakes. Charles Ramsey should be an inspiration to us all. I’m not the only person who thinks that. In fact, one agency that reported on his criminal record has apologized for doing so.