Another thing that I hate when it happens

I’m working on a list for a future Make-a-List Monday that requires me to basically look at every single casefile to see if it qualifies for the list. (I might have mentioned this before, not sure.) Anyway, the list involves the place the MP disappeared from. I googled “Oakland Township, PA” for Andrew Armstrong…and discovered there are THREE Oakland Townships in Pennsylvania.

And I have no idea which one he disappeared from.

Sandra Baker disappeared from Delaware Township, Pennsylvania. And there are FIVE of those.

MPs named Mohammed

They say that Mohammed, if you include all its variations, is the most popular boys’ name in the world. (You’d be hard-pressed to find a Mohammed in a non-Muslim family, though. In fact I’ve never heard of any. If any blog readers know of some non-Muslim Mohammeds, let me know, out of curiosity.) Anyway, for this Monday I thought I’d do all the people on Charley who have the name Mohammed in their name, or any of its spelling variations that I can think of.

Saif Sayed Mohammed Ahmed
Amena Mohammed El Sayed
Mohammed Ata Hakimi
Mohamed-Ali Hilal Jaafar
Jamal Mohammed
Petra Loretta Muhammad
Aesha Amera Muhammed
Mohammad Reza Shirazi
Muhammed Saad Siddiqui

Quite a short list here. Probably because it’s a Muslim name and Muslims are a small minority in the United States — no more than one and a half percent of the population, sez Wikipedia. But I think it was a worthy topic anyway.