Finally ordered some business cards

After having reminded myself to have some made (time and time again), I finally placed an order for official Charley Project business cards. I write down my URL for somebody a couple of times a week at least, and I’m getting tired of writing it on receipts and candy wrappers and stuff. So I went to one of those websites that makes cards and had them design some for me, using one of their plainer templates. Just one side. (Oddly enough, it actually cost more to have the other side blank than to have something on it.)

So here’s my business card:

Business Card

Cops searched Wendy Byron’s former home

The cops are digging up the yard of the house Wendy Byron lived in before she disappeared back in 1978. Her husband, Rob, who now lives elsewhere, is a person of interest in her disappearance. There’s a pic of the house in this photo gallery. Unfortunately, the search turned up exactly nothing.

I talked to a reporter on the phone about the case today. Sort of. It turned out I couldn’t really help her and she knew more about it than I did, which wasn’t saying much, since I knew almost nothing. I wound up talking about missing persons in general, some Charley cases, NamUs, the Doe Network, etc. She hadn’t heard of NamUs before I told her about it.