I remember her

I, too, am an abduction survivor: the story of Alicia Kozakiewicz, a thirteen-year-old girl who was lured away from her home by an online predator who kept her captive in his dungeon and tortured and sexually abused her for four days before she was rescued. I remember when this happened, back in 2002.

This article from 2007 says Alicia (at least at the time the article was written) has large gaps in her memory now, even from the time before the abduction.

She’s grown into a beautiful woman. I hope she’s happy and has a good life now.

Jason Saul and Kenford Farley

Annie gave me this article about the disappearance of Jason Saul. I had had nothing on his disappearance before. It appears to have been one of those “lost/injured missing” cases.

I thought I’d look up Kenford Farley, Jason’s friend who was with him. I found out a fair bit, actually. It appears he was adopted at the age of three days. He was married by the time he was sixteen, to an eighteen-year-old named Monica. This in 1996 — unusual. I wonder if she was pregnant. Anyway, that year they ran a stop sign, crashed into a brand-new, never-used ambulance and totaled it. This was in Colorado. Neither of them were wearing seat belts and both got ejected from their car and had to be hospitalized. I found a Colorado Springs Gazette article about the accident in Newslibrary.

I looked for Kenford on Facebook and couldn’t find him. Which is understandable, because he’s been dead for twelve years. He died on December 5, 2000, aged twenty-one.

I wonder what happened. I can’t find any articles about his death, whether it was an accident, suicide, maybe some tragic illness. He was so young.