Asking for help for someone else

I had promised to do this this past weekend, then on Sunday I kind of crashed in the morning and wasn’t online for the next 24 hours, so, better late than never…

Y’all probably know, or know of, my long-standing (almost ten years now) friend Annie Keller and her wonderful missing persons website For the Lost and corresponding blog. Annie is an awesome person, but unfortunately she happens to be poor and without dental coverage. And a few months ago ago she was told she needs $10k in work done on her teeth. She really doesn’t know what to do about this. There are charities that provide free dental care for the indigent, but almost without exception they only work with children, or they want you to pay for a large part of it. And half of a lot of money is a lot of money.

I have never done this before, but Annie’s my friend and this is a noble cause. So here’s a link where you can donate to her dental fund. It’s been up for awhile but so far not much has been raised; enough for about half a crown she says. You can see a picture of her proposed treatment plan with all the money owed, so you can see she really needs it. Here’s another picture too, which shows her teeth.

Annie would really like to be able to solid food well into middle age. If you can help, either by donating something or sharing this, that would be awesome and get you loads of good karma.