Argh, a little help anyone possibly?

UPDATE: Never mind, I found the text of the article on the Project Jason forums. Still annoyed, though. I want my $7 back.

I’m trying to look at an archived MP article on In Forum. I signed up for a digital access account — seven bucks — just to read the article, which profiles several missing persons, at least two of which are not on Charley. Well, I got the “thank you for your order” email, but nothing about a password to access my new account. And so I went there and did the whole “reset your password” thing so they could send me a temporary password, and it said my email address was invalid. So I emailed the tech support email address, and that bounced.

Does anyone who reads this blog by chance already have an account with In Forum (one that works) and could send me the text of the May 8 article headlined “Police on local missing-persons cases: ‘Always room to hope’ after Ohio rescue”? I would much appreciate.

A new theory about Susan Powell’s disappearance

This from People Magazine: I had written earlier about how Michael Powell, Josh’s brother, jumped off a parking garage roof to his death almost exactly a year after Josh blew himself and his two children to smithereens. Well, now the cops have a theory that Michael (rather than Steve, Josh’s pervert father) was an accomplice after the fact to Susan‘s presumed murder and it was he who buried her body.

Police began seeing clues to Michael Powell’s involvement fairly early in the case, says Anne Bremner, a high-profile Seattle attorney. Bremner represents Susan’s family as well as the victims in Steve Powell’s voyeurism case. She also has participated in many discussions between police and the Cox family.

Bremner says police learned after Susan disappeared that “Michael had his Ford Taurus towed a hundred miles, and then sold it for salvage value because, police think, he had her body in there. Then he hired militaristic satellite photography people to go look at the wrecking yard to see if his car had been completely destroyed, but it wasn’t.”

She adds, “Cadaver dogs came to the tow yard and only indicated on his car, no one else’s.”

More recently, Bremner says, Utah police repeatedly questioned Michael Powell in Minneapolis. Then, three months ago, Michael Powell jumped from the fifth story of a parking structure, taking his own life. He was 30.

I hope this latest theory leads to something. Susan’s body, preferably.

Annette Craver Vail’s husband charged in murder of first wife

Felix Vail has been charged with the murder of his wife Mary over FIFTY YEARS after she drowned in the Calcasieu River in Louisiana. Even at the time, Mary’s drowning was considered suspicious, and Felix was actually arrested for murder but released a few days later for lack of evidence.

In 1973, eleven years after Mary’s death, Felix’s girlfriend Sharon Hensley disappeared from California. She doesn’t have her own Charley page because I’m not sure if she was ever actually reported missing, but I do have a photo of her. Felix was the last person to see her alive. Then, in 1984, eleven years after Sharon disappeared (sensing a pattern here), Felix’s eighteen-year-old wife Annette disappeared from Oklahoma.

A newspaper in Mississippi ran a series of articles on Felix’s curiously bad luck luck with women in 2012. When a reporter tried to interview him, he suddenly fled the area. He was arrested in Comal County, Texas a few days ago.

Felix and Mary had one son, Bill. Bill died of cancer in 2009, but before his passing he made a video statement saying his father had told him several times about how he murdered Mary. I hope that statement can get introduced into evidence at the trial. I hope the info about Sharon and Annette can be introduced too, but I’m not all that confident of that.

This guy reminds me of Randy Roth.

People who vanished from five more state capitals (okay, more like four)

For Make-a-List Monday. A month ago I did a list of people who disappeared from the capitals of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and California. Now Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia:

Denver, Colorado:
Amy Ann Ahonen
Uvaldo Moises Anaya
Nonnie Ann Dotson
Jennifer Anne Douglas
Daphne Ronette Hope
Rebecca Ann Kellison
Jennifer Lynn Marcum
Anthony Steven Michael Moya
Irma Rosario Muneton-Cueto
Diana Judith Portillo
Brian Pytlinski
Ian Ashley Richardson
Teresa Schilt
Alexander Joseph Talamantes-Bourg
Nicholle Torrez
Ligia Miranda Uribe-Ramos
Michelle Ileana Uribe-Ramos
Jesus Vizcaino Maldonado
Jose Vizcaino Maldonado
Maria Guadalupe Vizcaino Maldonado
Sofia Vizcaino Maldonado

Hartford, Connecticut:
Griselda Aguirre
Rosa Marie Camacho
Angel Garcia
Sandra Santiago
Rosa Maria Valentin

Dover, Delaware:

Tallahassee, Forida:
Danielle Tamara Brown
Jeremiah Dominique Bryant
Eddie Albert Bunion
John Wesley Davis
Ali I’isha Gilmore
Merlene Hayes
David Jackson
Erik Sol Patchin
Cristina Valasquez
Jerry Michael Williams

Atlanta, Georgia:
Gloria Jean Baird
Donald Boardman
Monica Renee Bowie
Carolyn Ann Brown
Jose Cruz
Dymashal Lashon Cullins
Athena Joy Curry
Desmond Santonio Dix
Gabriella Larasati Elprana
Muzhgan Fazil
Darron Glass
Raymond Lamar Green
Marion Bobby Gresham Sr.
Dianna Affana Hammonds
Artdrunetta Lareann Hobbs
Toffazzal Hossain
Latrease Hunter
Douglas Morris Jarmon II
Sabah Nasheed Karriem-Conner
Katie Dell Kemp
Devona Kincaid
Mary Shotwell Little
Lydia Michelle McDuffie
Shannon Denise Melendi
Robert Lee Mitchell
Daryl Edward Nicholson
Cheryl Bernita Parks
Timothy Rideaux
Elliott Calhoun Rountree
Alisha Smiley
Hazel Ruth Smith
Tavish Sutton
Grongie Ward
Brenda Ann Walters
Michael Way
Mary Ann White
Nikita Michelle Wingo
Christoph R. Zahn

Asking for help for someone else

I had promised to do this this past weekend, then on Sunday I kind of crashed in the morning and wasn’t online for the next 24 hours, so, better late than never…

Y’all probably know, or know of, my long-standing (almost ten years now) friend Annie Keller and her wonderful missing persons website For the Lost and corresponding blog. Annie is an awesome person, but unfortunately she happens to be poor and without dental coverage. And a few months ago ago she was told she needs $10k in work done on her teeth. She really doesn’t know what to do about this. There are charities that provide free dental care for the indigent, but almost without exception they only work with children, or they want you to pay for a large part of it. And half of a lot of money is a lot of money.

I have never done this before, but Annie’s my friend and this is a noble cause. So here’s a link where you can donate to her dental fund. It’s been up for awhile but so far not much has been raised; enough for about half a crown she says. You can see a picture of her proposed treatment plan with all the money owed, so you can see she really needs it. Here’s another picture too, which shows her teeth.

Annie would really like to be able to solid food well into middle age. If you can help, either by donating something or sharing this, that would be awesome and get you loads of good karma.