Naturally, money’s being raised by the public for the benefit of the rescued Cleveland girls

As per this article, the fund is up to almost $500,000 now. But that’s not much when you consider it will be split four ways (Amanda, Michelle, Gina and Amanda’s daughter), which is just $125,000 each. And Michelle and Gina, at least, apparently have serious physical problems stemming from the beatings, starvation etc. during their captivity that will require long-term medical care. Not to mention the serious, long-term psychological/psychiatric care all four of them will need.

No doubt, however, more money will be coming in from well-wishers. If any of the girls decide to go on the lecture tour or write a book or something, it would be well-received. The state crime victims’ fund will have to cover at least some of the damages, and they may get even more money due from the state; Jaycee Dugard got twenty million and deserved every penny.

A slew of MP articles

As I figured would happen, in the wake of Amanda-Michelle-Gina there have been loads of newspapers all over the country doing articles on THEIR cold case missing persons cases. Here are a few (I’m not including articles that are just lists of names and NCMEC posters):

Man’s hope for missing daughter renewed: for Sharon Baldeagle. This case was one that grabbed me early on. I remember encountering it when I was twelve or thirteen, and finding just enough details to frustrate me horribly: the NCMEC poster at the time said something like “Sharon was last seen in Evansville, Wyoming after being kidnapped by a suspect who is now in custody. Sharon has never been found. FOUL PLAY SUSPECTED.” I couldn’t find any details anywhere about the kidnapping, the suspect, etc., for the longest time. Now I know quite a bit more of course but I was still happy to see the this article appear, because Sharon hasn’t had any press that I know of since Royal Russell Long’s death twenty years ago.
El Paso boy, 14, disappeared 30 years ago: for Ruben Humberto Herrera. This case is kinda similar to Sharon’s actually, in that it’s a presumed non-family abduction and he was last seen with some identified person who later turned up without him. The article doesn’t really say anything new.
Case Cold But Not Closed: Still Searching for Missing Aiken County Boy: for Jeremy James Grice. Not much in this article, but the police seem to be saying it’s entirely possible he’s still alive. He was young enough that he may not know he’s missing or remember who he used to be.
The family of a local woman missing for 9 years says amazing story in Cleveland gives them hope: for Sarah Nicole Vitt. Has a new photo and a few details.
Five years after Brandon Swanson’s disappearance, the porch light’s still on: for Brandon Victor Swanson. A detailed article here, though it doesn’t look like there’s anything new to put on Charley.
After 30 years, search for Bobby Joe Fritz continues: for Robert Joseph Fritz. This case is indeed, as the police detective quoted in the article says, “a head-knocker.” He seems to have just vanished into thin air, like Jeremy Grice mentioned above. And like Jeremy, he was just young enough at the time to have been raised as someone else and not even know it.
Local woman still has hope of finding missing child: for Alexandra Marie McIntire. This is exceptionally sad because the case is so solvable. They know exactly who the abductor is. They know where she lives and what she does for a living. Even I know those things, though I didn’t give the woman’s name or exact location on Alexandra’s Charley Project page. I really don’t understand why nothing was done in this case and why the police just didn’t seem to care. I’ve been in touch with Alexandra’s mother. She was only nineteen years old when this happened. She was deeply traumatized, of course, and has never had another child.
A cold case, a sister’s final hope: for Anthony Peter Tumolo. His sister thinks he’s dead and only hopes to recover his body.
Cleveland gives Caokia, Ill. investigators hope: for Gary James Shanley. Not much here; one of those “who knows what happened to him, but it probably wasn’t good” cases.
62-year-old woman awaits reunion with her sister, who’s been missing since 1970: for Denise Marie Sheehy. First article I have ever seen on this case. It looks like the “Woodside, New York” Denise disappeared from is actually just a neighborhood of Queens in New York City. She went missing on her sister’s birthday, and it looks like they were a close family.
27 years later: Abeyta family still hopeful missing son will be found: for Christopher Enoch Abeyta. This is another case that’s always caught my eye, perhaps because Christopher is only six weeks younger than I am.
Holding out hope missing Bridgeport girl is alive: for Bianca Elaine Lebron. The video has an interview with her grandmother, who still lives in the same house as she did when Bianca disappeared. The police detective in charge of her case thinks she could still be alive.
Myron Traylor: Valley 13-year-old went missing 25 years ago: for Myron Timell Traylor. Myron’s parents are both dead, but his aunt was interviewed for this article. She thinks he’s dead. I think she’s right.
Investigator to re-open 22-year-old murder case: for Deborah Jean McKneely. The police think it was a “domestic-related incident.” She was in the middle of a nasty divorce. No prizes for guessing who was responsible for this, then.
Ohio captive case gives hope to families of missing: for Cynthia D. Coleman. Rasheeyda Robinson Wilson and Jahi Marques Turner are also mentioned.
On Mother’s Day, Cleveland case lifts hope missing children are not lost: for Michaela Joy Garecht and Phoenix Lucille Coldon. Those two cases aren’t related; they just happened to be profiled in the same article.
Las Vegas detective compares unsolved 1999 missing person case to ‘a scar on your heart’: for Karla Carolina Rodriguez. There’s not anything in this article that I haven’t got, as there’s plenty of stuff on Karla’s Charley page. She is one of those very rare cases that’s a true stranger abduction. Even Elizabeth Smart and Gina DeJesus’s kidnappers had met them before.