A public service announcement

Every once in awhile I say “I’ve updated” or “I’ve changed my MP of the week” and then some person or people write me to say they can’t see the change. It happened again today. More troubling is when some relative writes me with an update or correction, I make the change, and then they can’t see it and think I didn’t really change the casefile and lied to them about doing so. Understandably, they get upset.

For the convenience of everyone involved, here is what you should do: if I claim to have updated, but it doesn’t appear like I really have, simply reload/refresh the page. I think that’s ctrl-R with most browsers. The problem is that to save time, your browser sometimes just shows the URL as it saw it last time. Reloading the page forces the browser to take another look, and then the changes become apparent.

(Human beings also have this problem, oddly enough. It’s called “change blindness.” I learned about it on the TV show Lie To Me, which I watched on Netflix. I really liked that show. Shame it was canceled.)

2 thoughts on “A public service announcement

  1. Willie May 18, 2013 / 8:00 pm

    It’s an iPhone thing. I’ll check Charley on my laptop and your updates/MP of the week had gone through, but then I look at Charley from my iPhone and it’s still the previous MP of the week.

    Internet via the iPhone sucks.

    • Meaghan May 18, 2013 / 8:12 pm

      It’s not just an iPhone thing. It happens with all computers, I think. It happens to me occasionally, but I’ve known about the “refresh the page” trick for ages now.

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