Michelle Knight stonewalling her family

According to articles I’ve read, Ariel Castro’s first victim Michelle Knight has been refusing to see her family. I can’t pretend to comprehend what they’re all going through but it’s apparent that there were serious problems in her family from way back, maybe as far as the beginning of her life. This article says:

Michelle’s mother flew from Florida to Ohio once she heard the news, but Michelle’s refused to see her — her mom has consequently hired an attorney to gain access to her daughter.

Um, hired an attorney? How’s she going to work that out? Michelle is a grown woman, and she may be mentally traumatized but she isn’t mentally incompetent. I don’t see how she could be legally forced to have contact with anyone she doesn’t want to see. I wonder how much the mother is paying that attorney.

So, Michelle and Gina DeJesus are quite close and they’re thinking that maybe the DeJesus family could adopt Michelle. I don’t see how that could work out either, legally speaking, on account of Michelle being 32, but certainly if all parties agree they could accept Michelle into that family anyhow. Amanda and Gina are very fortunate in that they came from loving, supportive families; Michelle really seems to have drawn the short straw in all of this.

The aforementioned link sums it up pretty well:

The last thing anyone wants is for Michelle to return to a home in which she doesn’t feel safe. She, Amanda, and Gina have an incredibly arduous path to recovery ahead of them and require all the love and support they can get. And if the Knights cannot provide that for Michelle, or if she doesn’t (understandably) want anything to do with them, it sounds like the DeJesus family is more than willing to take her in.

The DeJesuses might be the godsend Michelle has been praying for her entire life.

I hope she gets SOME kind of godsend. She needs something.

One thought on “Michelle Knight stonewalling her family

  1. Princess Shantae May 15, 2013 / 2:57 pm

    Adults can be adopted. It doesn’t happen real often but it does happen, like if somebody’s been in foster care but their birth parents’ rights weren’t terminated? Their foster family might adopt them when they turn 18 and can agree to it without birth parents being involved. That way they are officially a member of the family after maybe years of being considered one.
    I think some couple adopted Aileen Wuornos while she was on death row. Then they had a falling out over money or something.

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