An exciting day all around

The entire world is cheering at the rescue of Amanda, Gina and Michelle. I am, of course, cheering along with them. On a personal level it’s exciting for me cause I’ve been contacted by several reporters and did a phone interview with a French media outlet. (No, I can’t find the interview on their website yet.) I believe this was actually a live interview which they translated into French for the benefit of their viewers. They asked for a picture of me and I supplied this one because it was taken only about six months ago and unlike in some of my other photos I don’t look like I’m twelve years old.

They wanted to talk to me about Ashley Summers, another missing girl from Cleveland, and whether her case might be related to the others. Saying “I don’t know” didn’t seem altogether helpful, but I was happy to provide details of Ashley’s disappearance anyway. It’s good to be able to use these girls’ being found as a springboard to provide publicity to other cases. I expect a lot of communities are going to have articles like “Have you heard about the girls that were found in Cleveland after being missing for ten years? Well, here’s some missing persons from OUR area.” Several reporters have written me asking if I have contact info for the families of other missing people; I’m quite sure this is what they have in mind.

Several outlets have used Charley as a source in their write-up on these cases. For example, Reuters, and this Native American news site. (Amanda Berry is part Native American.) Also Wikipedia. I expect other people have used Charley too but haven’t bothered to credit me. Ah well.

Hey, they’re all welcome to it. The more the merrier. This is, after all, sort of what the Charley Project is designed for. A publicity vehicle, like I say on my front page. Happy I could be of service, etc.

House of horrors in Cleveland

According to this article, anonymous police sources have said there were multiple pregnancies between the three girls, many miscarriages and five live births. Yet there is only one child…

This makes me sick. Literally, I felt nauseated when I found that out, and I’m rarely moved in that way even by the most violent of crimes. I’m hoping to God that’s either just a rumor or there were more kids running around the house that we just haven’t been told about yet.

I’m going to leave them up for a few days

I’m going to leave Gina and Amanda on my site for a couple of days more. That way reporters and other interested parties can have a look-see at the information I’ve got. (Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get hit up for interviews.)

Whenever there’s a high-profile find, I get a lot of extra visitors. On May 1, for example, I got 9,787 visitors, which is a couple thousand more than usually visit my site every day. (Last month I averaged 7,018 unique visits a day.) Most of the visitors wanted to look at Brenda Heist’s page, but with her, there wasn’t much to see. I’ve got a lot on Amanda and Georgina.

So I’ll list their cases in the resolved section, in order to stop a flood of “haven’t you heard these girls have been found, why haven’t you resolved them yet” emails, but I won’t delete the actual casefiles for awhile.

Well, this just blows me out of the water

I woke up a little before 2:00 a.m. (as I’ve tended to do lately) and shuffled out to the hallway, thinking I’d have a quick look at my email and settle down with my latest book. But I think it’ll be awhile now. Not only am I too agitated to read, but there are a ton of articles I’ve got to look at. As half the entire world has emailed me to say, they’ve found Georgina DeJesus and Amanda Berry alive! Along with a woman named Michelle Knight, whom I hadn’t heard of. They’re all okay, more or less, and Amanda has a kid.

Amanda disappeared from Cleveland, Ohio in 2003, on the way home from work. She was sixteen. Georgina was fourteen when she disappeared from Cleveland in 2004, on the way home from school. The cops had figured the cases were connected somehow and maybe the girls had been forced into prostitution or something. But word has it that they’ve been locked up in a basement dungeon all this time. Amanda managed to escape the dungeon and started screaming and trying to get out of the house, and a neighbor heard and helped her out, not knowing who she was, and she called 911.

The guy who lives in the house, Ariel Castro, has been arrested.

This case bears obvious comparisons to Jaycee Dugard and the Joseph Fritzl case out of Austria. And Marc Dutroux in Belgium. And Gary Heidnik in Pennsylvania.

Amanda, Gina, Michele…welcome home. We’re glad to have you back.

*starts playing “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows, the happiest song she knows*