The continuing Brenda Heist saga

According to this article, citing interviews with people Brenda Heist knew in Florida, she was NOT homeless during the time she was missing, at least not all of the time. She apparently took housekeeping jobs and often lived with her employers. She saved enough money to get a car, and she also had a cell phone and a Facebook page for a time (they were both disconnected eventually), and even dated once in awhile. She said she had no children and her husband had died.

I had actually been skeptical of the whole “homeless for ten straight years” thing myself. Very few people can survive on the street that long, especially women. The reasons I think are pretty obvious. It appears Brenda was on the streets sometimes, perhaps even for months at a time, but certainly not all the time.

Needless to say, the people in Florida who helped her out and thought they knew her feel shocked and betrayed. Though, I’m sure, not as much as her actual family.

People who went missing with their dogs

This week’s list is of people who disappeared along with their pet dog or dogs. It includes cases where the dog turned up later on.

Kevin Jay Ayotte
Simmoni Jamie Berry
Melvin Eugene Butler II
Patrick Francis Carnes
Austin Jay Childs, David Scott Keller and John Edward Zimmerman II
Joseph Robert Clewley
Jeffrey David Daymude
Florence Agness Dumontet
Thomas Edmonds Godwin
Deborah Ann Heriford
Reed Taylor Jeppson
Samantha Michelle Kibalo
Karen Margaret Kincaid
Steven Earl Kraft II
Patricia Ann Krieger
Donna Kay Krnak and Thomas John Krnak
Roger Kay Liles
Michael Larry Madden
Johnny Randall McCray
Timothy James McKye
Theresa Marie McLaughlin
Douglas Edward Meer
Molly Ann Meyer
Tristen Alan Myers
Lisa Ann Myers Neugent
Pamela Jane Page
Donnie Lee Payne
Melanie Ann Quadros
Domingo Raul Ramirez
Elaine Marie Robertson
Bob Sabaratnam
Cameron John Sequeira
Sandra Ann Sollie
Shawn Eric Spencer
Michael Russell Taus
Charles Lee Toliver
Adan Velasco
Wilson Wayne Walstrom
Judy Tolane Wardrip

Honorable mentions:
William Cameron Brown: I think his dog disappeared with him, but I’m not 100% sure.
Beth Ellen Rogers: Same with her.